It’s 4.30am as I write this – lunchtime in Gongju. There is rain headed our way, and it’s been cooler overnight than it’s been for more than a week. I suspect today will have the promise of autumn in the air; not the crisp, bright autumn, but the wet, glowering autumn that presages winter storms.

In Gongju it’s the day of the Opening, so all the artwork should be in place and there is a different buzz. From my other side of the world I’ve seen the glower in the clouds in the photographs and videos that have come this way. It’s a different glower from ours in these northern climes. This presages monsoon, and it has arrived today, the day when the public arrives in their droves to see finally what this year’s crop of visitors has been up to.

But it looks like the bulk of the rain has passed now, so by this evening it should have brought with it cooler temperatures and fresher air. That should bode well.

Clearly things are busy around the site. In a little while everyone is headed off into the city to begin the celebrations, which are happening at various sites and culminate in a party by the river. When I dial in there is a palpable sense of excitement and hurry – just time for a quick interview with Annechien Meier and Gert-Jan Gerlach and their floating microclimate project (you can see pictures of the islands being floated yesterday in the Gallery).  I would love to speak with them more, but it’s time for everyone to leave.

Listen to the interview here.