Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2016 Artist interviews

Not all the Biennale artists are represented here, and this page is not yet complete.

I was asked to interview these artists in prepare for writing a series of articles in English about the 2016 Nature Art Biennale. These interviews were conducted via Skype so the quality is limited. Eventually they will be partially transcribed.


The artists

Eröss István (Hungary) 

Play Interview unedited

François Davin (France) 

Play Interview unedited

Patrick Demazeau (France)
(There is no recorded interview with Patrick Demazeau)

Annechien Meier and Gert-Jan Gerlach (Netherlands) 

Play Interview unedited

Kim Yong-ik (Korea)
(There is no recorded interview with Kim Yong-ik)

Bukta Imre (Hungary)
(There is no recorded interview with Bukta Imre)

Ahmad Nadalian (Iran)

Play Interview unedited

Olga Ziemska (USA/Poland)

Play Interview unedited

Strijdom van der Merw (S. Africa)
(There is no recorded interview with Stirjdom van der Merw)

Ko Seung-hyunJeon Won-gilCho Jae-weon (Korea)

Play Interview with Won-gil (unedited)
Play Interview with Ko, Seung-hyun and Jeon, Won-gil (unedited)

Oliver Raymond-Barker (United Kingdom) and Carmen Lamberti (United Kingdom) 

Play Interview unedited

Clive Adams (CCANW) 

Play Interview unedited