It’s 7.20am here in an overcast UK and already I feel like much has been achieved. I have just spent a very rich couple of hours speaking with three of the Biennale Artists: Fran├žois Davin (France), Olga Ziemska (USA/Poland), and Ahmad Nadalian (Iran).

Our conversations ranged free, but in each of these artists I discover a deep connection to the world and to the spirit. These are all artists with a significant history of making and a deep understanding not just of their practice, but the world in which it lives. While the actual practices may vary, there is nevertheless a commonality here that is outside art and yet very much of it.

My task ultimately is to synthesise the words and knowledge I have garnered during these and other interviews that will happen over the next few days. Whether any real synthesis will be possible remains to be seen but it is clear that there will be much to be said and much to be understood about the depth of these artists’ work and their relationship to the planet.

None of this work is preachy, none (thus far) tries to wag a finger be a warning. And yet all speaks directly to the condition of our planet and the condition of our lives.

Time is whizzing by. The opening is just a few days away, at the end of this week. Some artists have already finished installing their work and of off travelling and discovering; others are just beginning the task of their final installs.

A thank you to Martin for supplying the stream of images you can see both in the gallery and at the bottom of some pages in our instagram feed.

More to come tomorrow.